TaiG Untethered JailBreak Available For iOS 8.4


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Oct 6, 2011
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We often pick at "cry"os users around here, but if we are honest with ourselves more than a few of us here probably have some "cry"os devices lying around the house. I'll go ahead and come out of the closet here and say that I do own a MacBook Pro which I am typing this article on now, an Ipad Air (my wife's), and an Iphone 4 (work phone). If you are going to own a "cry"os device you may want to jailbreak that bad boy.

I have found that I can do so much more in the way of modifications and customizations on a rooted Android then I can with a Jailbroken Ipad or Iphone. I have also found that jailbreaking "cry"os devices tends to slow them down since files really stack up and aren't cleanly removed from your device when you uninstall things. If you wanted to Jailbreak your iOS 8.4 device the TaiG untethered jailbreak that came out for 8.3 was not patched and still works on the latest version of iOS. This is a one click solution. Ironically it is only compatible with Windows. Go figure! Grab the tool from the link below.

via TaiG.com