Library of Congress updates DCMA, jailbreaking/rooting is officially 'legal'


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Jun 28, 2010
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When I opted to root my phone this was my logic: Hey, isn't the big part of an android vs Apple system that the android is: Open source programming? Kinda like Linux is to Windows? So what's the problem with rooting? I mean - a programmer writes a bit of code and puts it out on the web for others to use - that's one of the things from the beginning was a big selling point of Android over Apple.

So when my dear ole senior citizen church-going friends with enough sense of what I told them I did to my phone seem a bit askance about what I did ( Note, they don't understand the skill of what I did, just the morality) I tell them it's the whole point of using an Android phone! To root it and make it your own! Thank God for Droid-ers!

Glad to know Eric Holder isn't going to come after me after all.