super cheap 32 gb sd cards!!??!! wow, look at this


Jan 9, 2010
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Where are you finding a 32GB MicroSD card on Amazon for $90???

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Class 4's I believe. But do you need anything faster for a droid? I know my video cameras recommend a class 6. Guess if you are using the video on the droid a class 6 might be nice, but again, is it required?

Those are not MicroSD.

$145 is cheapest I could Find: Micro SD Flash Memory - Sandisk 32GB micro SDHC (Class 2) Card (Retail Packaging)

I've found another site a while back ago... >>> PROVANTAGE: Availability of 32GB microSDHC Card Class 2 By SanDisk

But they are on "Special Order" so it means they're not in stock and may take longer to be delivered...


Jul 10, 2010
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Lowell, MA
32GB card

I bought a card on Ebay from a seller in Hong Kong.
It came about a week later. I put it into the PC and it indicates that the card is fine.
I wish I could give you the seller's name, but he seems to have disappeared.
In general I've found that the Hong Kong sellers have been quite good.
If you are not familiar with these cards I suggest looking here:
It will explain the class of the card (2, 4, or 6) and why your computer will show a capacity that is somewhat smaller than you think it should be.
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