Stock Gallery Crashing

Just emptied out all .jpg and png files from the phone and booted into recovery mode. I did the Repair Assistant from Moto off of my computer. Didnt find anything wrong but after dumping all photo files and running the Repair Assistant i got it back up and running. Just a last resort photo dump and software repair. Got it back working though. Hated to dump all the photos but I guess thats what I needed to do

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I did indeed man. Since I don't have anything on the device as far as photo files I reformatted the SD Card again and encrypted the SD Card again. I just hope this doesn't happen again. I hate to dump photo files like that but it seemed to be the only way to get the gallery back up and running.

Does everyone use the Moto Gallery or do you use another gallery app?

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I use the Moto Gallery app on mine and my wife's Turbo 2. No issues so far. Glad you got yours working again
Thank you @sajokaz. I am going to keep using the gallery app since I don't have any way to access root. I got Google photos too but it won't alter the device memory copy of the picture. I can delete or move one around in Google photos but it won't change the one in the gallery.

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I use Moto Gallery, and QuickPic. Why limit yourself to just one? :D :D
Because the stock one is awesome! Just's good to have alternate choices and find what works good for you.
Yea and the stock one on my T1 took a **** on me while on vacation and all my pics suddenly disappeared from the gallery. *Known Issue, Factory reset to fix*
I'll never just have ONE pic viewer on my phone ever again.
And QuickPic is A LOT better then Moto's Gallery. Always has been. Although Moto slightly closed the gap when they added Albums...QP is STILL better.