Galaxy note 2 gallery crashing/freezing


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Feb 17, 2013
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Hello, I'm new to this Site and I've had my note 2 for about a month. Recently had to get a new note 2 from insurance company. Up until tonight everything was fine. Now my gallery will not open and if it does it freezes then crashes. Most of the time I'm left with a black screen. I've cleared the cache on it and rebooted several times as well as ran anti virus anti malware/spyware and nothing seems to be wrong. Any suggestions on what to do? Memory on the phone is also not full. Help! ! Thank you! !
Hello and welcome to the forum!

It could be a corrupt image or file within the gallery - you can connect your Note 2 to a PC or laptop and view the images or download another gallery app from the Play Store (QuickPic) and look for a grey'd out image (thumbnail) and that could be your culprit...
Ok Thank you! Can a file be corrupteven if I took it? Is there a way to remove it? If I connect it to my pc can I remove it there
Welcome to Droid Forums!! I haven't had to remove a corrupt image but for a regular image you could just long press on it and delete. Also, I don't see why you could not remove it from the computer if you connect it and go that route.
Welcome to the site. Hope you were able to resolve this problem. DancingNexus