Squidly ROM writing data folders to SD card


Aug 11, 2010
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First of all thanks squidly for the sweet ROM! I also want to thank the great Android community (such as this board and others like XDA) the tools necessary to make it possible to install a custom ROM, and all of the shared expertise on how to make it happen! You all rock!

I am fairly new to this borad (been lurking for a while). I am a techie by porfession and have been an avid smartphone user for years (several windows mobile devices>droid 1 (only a loaner)>Droid2 (when I missed the Droid1 too much after having to give it back and go back to my Windows mobile device)

Although I looked into custom ROMS even in the Windows mobile days and even dinked with trying to run Android from SD card on my old HTC-6800 I never actually made the leap and tried a custom NAND ROM until now.

Frist of all I found it suprisingly easy to get the Squidly ROM installed once I had all of the the pre-requisites in place. I had been rooted for a couple of weeks (to remove bloatware) and had been researching all of the steps needed to actually install a custom ROM. All of that went very smoothly and I have been playing around with the ROM for a couple of days now.

My challenge is that I only have an 8GB SD card (with lots of music) and between Nandroid, Titanimum Backup, etc. its starting to fill up.
I was digging around on my SD card for junk to clean out when I noticed what appeared to be several files and folders that were not there before. I can only presume that these were created by the Squidly ROM at some point.

Here are some of the things I found on my SD card (besides the orignal copy of the Squidly ROM ZIP file):

A folder called "overclock" with lots of subfolders and files

A folder called "stock" which again has lots of folders and files (lots of .APK application packages)

A folder called "svox" (I can't swear that this one was not there before but I don't remember it) which has several bin files into it that appear to be language related

A folder called "transitions.zip" with several squidly ZIP files which appear to be for alternate transition animation effects and then by themselves at the root of the SD card copies of BlurHome.apk. framework-res.apk and Mms.apk

I guess what I am trying to find out is why these files are stored on my SD card and do I need to keep them there? My phone has lots of free internal memory (almost 6GB) but that SD card space is precious to me for storing music and now some required backups. If I have the original ROM ZIP file I presume that all these files are all embedded in there somewhere and can thus be deleted. However, this begs the question of how they got to my SD card in the first place? Are these just leftover temp files from the ROM install? Are they critical for the SQUIDLY ROM to run and will it cause problems if I delete them? I just want to keep my SD card as clean as possible (not only for space but to make it easier to find things)

Thanks in advance for any help!
All of those are squid except svox, id copy them to a pc or another storage device just in case, its really there for building your own version of squid, bits and pieces of blur/stock or transitions, once they're installed and running you don't need them anymore, just have them somewhere in case you want to add/remove something later imo
or just bump up the SD card size. 16gb cards are cheap right now. I'd love to throw a 32gb in my phone, but I can't validate the cost.
or just bump up the SD card size. 16gb cards are cheap right now. I'd love to throw a 32gb in my phone, but I can't validate the cost.

lol, i began trying to justify a 32gb card last night.

if anyone knows of a sweet deal on a 32gb - let us know!
LOL. No money in the budget for a new SD card but a 32gb one sure would be nice.

Thanks for the replies. I am going to offload or delete the squidly data then. I am not ready yet for building my own custom version of squidly and figure if the time comes for that I can reflash the rom which should recreate the files

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I've got pretty much the same problem...I'm running out of space.

Question: If I were to go to a bigger card, would I simply copy the entire card contents from the current card over to the new card and simply place it in the phone? Is there anything else I would have to do to make sure everything works & I don't lose any files?
That'd be all syko. I wouldn't get a 32g sd, the 128 will be out soon and well see prices drop. And who honestly uses 32gb of storage that they need every file every day? Back some up on another storage device