SICK New Luxury Android Wear Watch From LG

Because of my watch I spend SIGNIFICANTLY less time futzing with my phone when I am around family/friends. How many times do you feel that vibration or hear that notification: you pull your phone out just to read that text... OK it's not urgent BUT since I DID pull my phone out and I'm staring at the text...let me just reply real quick.

I get into that trap on my computer--I sit down to check email. Then I check a couple other things. Then 90 minutes has passed, as I have come upon one situation or another. At least with the watch, I can see what's important and swipe away the rest.

I've actually got the opposite. I tend to not feel it vibrate these days, most of the time.

That is one reason I like the watch: it is my phone I cannot feel vibrate in my pocket. Fortunately I can feel the watch vibrating but, seeing that I work at the computer, I have all of my incoming "stuff" visible there, and do not need to wear the watch so often. I suppose if I wore it ten hours per day, I would start to not notice it.
@WildcatRudy , you hit on the two biggest points for me too. For me it's not 90 minutes, though... It's like 3 or 4 hours!

And for the vibration or ringer, I hate a phone vibrating in my pocket or on my belt. It's a sensory thing. However for some reason the same on my wrist doesn't bother me the same way. In other words, it's effective without being unnerving.:)
One disadvantage to the watch--I need to put on reading glasses to see it clearly. Fortunately the watch notifications are sufficiently short that I can do a quick squint and figure it out most of the time.

I saw just enough of a message this afternoon to save some worry. I was picking up Kidlet #2 from high school and was running late. She texted me, and it came through on the watch via Hangouts (as I use Google Voice for phone/text). One glance showed me enough of the message to know what it was. One swipe at a red light (on the watch...not another car :D ), and I had the "reply" icon. Tapped it, spoke the reply ("I'll be there in ten minutes"), and didn't even have to touch the phone. The "blip" vibration a moment later let me know she got it.

With the phone? I either have to wait for a looong red light, or pull into a parking lot. Grab my glasses. Get the phone out of the cradle. Attempt three or four times to swipe the correct pattern to unlock it thanks to my fat, lazy fingers. Pull down the notifications, find the message, tap it, then send a reply. (Or tap the incorrect one first, and end up in email...or Pandora radio, or Battle Cats...) Put it back in the cradle. Try to cut back into traffic when I'm done.

Convenience, or laziness? Either way it works for me! :D
I'll wait till I can talk to my car through my smart watch like Knight Rider <cue in Knight Rider theme music>
This is a very nice looking watch. Does it have a SIM card?
This is a very nice looking watch. Does it have a SIM card?
It supports LTE

I wonder why the 3G model has a much smaller battery? Is it thinner?
I wonder why the 3G model has a much smaller battery? Is it thinner?

There are two models that I'm aware of:

The LG Watch Urbane - WiFi only that runs Android Wear. This one is thinner due to not needing a cellular radio and having a smaller battery.

The LG Watch Urbane LTE - Cellular connectivity (with 3G support) that runs LG's wearable platform based on webOS. This one is thicker because it has a cellular radio, and it needs a bigger battery for that cellular radio.

Jeffrey's chart above is from GSM Arena and says it's "Available as 3G or 3G/LTE device." Beyond that chart, I haven't seen a mention anywhere of a 3G only model. That doesn't mean one won't exist, but it wasn't officially announced/shown off with the WiFi and LTE models.
I wonder if there will be a Setting that will let you toggle LTE off and just run on 3G?