LG's New Android 2.0 Smart Watches.


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Oct 6, 2011
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Earlier today TechnoBuffalo released some images of a few upcoming Android 2.0 smart watches. The first watch will be called the LG Watch Sport and the other watch will be called the LG Watch Style. The larger of the two will be the sport and it will sport a 430mah battery, 768MB of RAM, and the smaller Style watch will sport a 240mah battery and 512MB of RAM. The Sport includes a water resistant rubber band while the Style may include metal and leather bands. The Sport also features 3 buttons which probably control different modes.

via TechnoBuffalo
Not bad. I've been very happy with my LG Watch Urbane. That said, I don't see a need to upgrade to one of these newer models at this point or in the near future.
That is the Urbane pictured above, not the new Google watch.
These supposedly. Looking like a Zen for me.

Yeah, Urbane LTE. I clicked through to the source to see the pics of the new watches.

Thanks for adding them to the thread for easy viewing though, Pere!