Screen Rotate Bug? - RAZR Maxx

So I got board the other day and downloaded GO Launcher. After getting over the shock of having to redo all my home screens and playing with it for a while a noticed that my auto rotate has been working. I've gone two days without having to reboot so hopefully this lasts. I'm really hoping the rumors are true and ICS gets pushed OTA on the 21st and that it fixes this issue, especially if it is Moto's default Homescreen launcher.

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Ok nevermind, it happened to me again, using a different launcher didn't help. :(

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June 1.. still doing it. No reason found. Just does it.
Weird, mine hasn't done it in days. What in the heck could it be?

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Here's a weird expression of this rotate bug. With the bug happening, I took two photos, one landscape, one portrait orientation. BOTH were rotated 90 degrees from what they should be! Landscape photo 90 degrees clockwise, portrait is 90 degrees counter clockwise. I expected one of them would be correct.

After reboot, new photos are OK.

Also confirmed with Swiss Army Knife bubble level that the sensors are wonky - jumping all over the place when I tried to calibrate. Reboot and recalibrate and all is OK.

FWIW, I never connect to computer by USB. I think that virtually all the commentary here about "it must be this" are red herrings. We seem to agree that reboot can fix it and good observations so far indicate that a OTA update brought this problem to us.
So it looks the ICS update resolved this issue. I haven't had the issue since Sunday morning. I know it's only been two days but it was a regular thing for me. Can anyone else confirm?

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Not working for me

I have an unrooted Droid Razr Maxx with this same issue and it is running ICS. This is the OTA update that was finally pushed. Not working to reboot or clear cache partition. Removed all third party apps as well. Anyone?:mad:
Mine randomly gets stuck in landscape and portrait. It doesn't seem to matter if I am in camera mode or not, it just won't turn until it wants to. Even when I slide it into the desktop dock, it stays in portrait most of the time. My old Droid (original) never did this.
Just got mine last week. Did an update last night and now my homescreen wont rotate. When I open an app, then I can rotate the screen. Is this how it's suppose to be?
Welcome to the forum choco. If you are using the stock launcher-homescreen then it does not rotate when on the homescreen. If you use another launcher (Go-Launcher, Apex, Nova) then your homescreens will rotate. For some reason Motorola thought we didn't want our homescreens to rotate but they could've given us a feature to decide for ourselves whether we did or not.

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