Screen Rotate Bug? - RAZR Maxx

Happened again last night.. no iHeart radio, no running weird apps, no tethering. GRRRR.....
I did not have iheart radio

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So it turns out I was wrong about what I thought was causing the issue, but now I'm 99% sure I have isolated the problem. It has something to do with charging the phone via USB, or more specifically connecting the device to a computer system. After attaching the phone and letting the display time out or sit for a little (screen may still rotate while attached) it seems to "fix" the screen in the vertical orientation. I have no idea why though...

I have been using the wall charger for about a week now and the screen rotate has been working fine. My phone hasn't been rebooted in over a week and I've been using all of my apps regularly. Before it wouldn't even last a day without the screen rotate becoming locked so I'm going to say the source of the problem is USB connection to PC. I can't say if this is a desktop OS, mobile OS, or USB specific issue but it seems like for whatever reason connecting the phone to my computer causes the bug.

I don't think that this is the answer. I have NEVER plugged my phone up to a computer via USB, and I have the rotation problem nearly every day.
I don't use the computer to charge my phone and still have this issue

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Again.. no rotate. And, I'm also having to turn on/off the Hotspot several times to make it work. GRRRR.................
I've also had problems with this. It seems to be when the phone locks while rotated, i.e. in a text messaging app or something else, it won't auto-rotate out of a horizontal position. I noticed (by accident) that if I go into the dialer, it will auto-rotate back to vertical and be fixed from there. This is using GO Launcher, not sure if that affects it at all. Ever since I found this, it's worked 100% of the time. Just did it a few minutes ago.

Hope this helps.
I love this phone, but just resently in the last few days, I started having this problem, I just did the reboot so hopefully that fixes it, but it happens even on youtube links and stuff, so it's like once it's not rotated the right away, it's stuck that way... Only complaint I have about this phone, I came from a Droid X one generation and this phone is a great phone, just one stupid quark.
And I just did the reboot thing that people talked about, and it fixed....FOR NOW... What I think it has to do with the camera view, I noticed that when I go into Camera, I seen some buggy problems, I'm wondering if that's where the issue is having problems at .
Again, yesterday, no rotate. Hope anyone with any power is reading this.
iqmike said:
I could not trigger the bug by letting the screen time out while in landscape mode. Tried several apps and screens, tried resuming right away, resuming afer 20 minutes and screen autorotated evrey time. Was working good for 3 days and then all of a sudden frozen in portrait mode.

I do notice that the compass and level functions on the swiss army knife app is jumping around like crazy while the bug is triggered. Reboot resets all back to normal untill the next instance.

After going through and reading all the posts about the no auto rotate issue on the RAZR & RAZR MAXX I'm going to take a few guesses.
1. The issue is OS related and seams to have been started by the 2nd OTA update (I don't know the version number but that seems to be about the time that everyone started to notice it).
2. The issue is caused because the orientation sensor has gone out of sync for some reason (I also confirmed that when using a leveling app the orientation is trembling at the top right corner, and if you try and calibrate the app it will tremble near the center).
3. I don't think that it is related to a non VZW or Moto because my wife and I both have RAZRs and both have the issue with only a few similar apps. My coworker also got a RAZR last week and his started acting up shortly after the OTA update as well.

I don't want to have to root my phone but if ICS doesn't fix it (hopefully 5/21) I will.

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Since we haven't determined what triggers I want note some possibilities that have been suggested. Charging from USB, this may not only be a PC USB either. I have USB car adapter I use on occasion. It happens to everyday though and I typically only use the wall charger overnight to charge my phone, and my wife uses an old dedicated wall charger from her old D1.
If anyone else can come up with what could beer triggering this it could help.

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I never loose auto rotate totally, but it does get wonky.
Where I have rotate the vertical /horizontal back and forth and then it acts normal for a while. Doesn't happen all time but persistent when it does.
A power cycle or soft reset will fix it, but for the life of I can't pin point a trigger.
Real annoying when it happening!

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Well, here's a new twist. Today the screen is rotating on its own.. it's deciding what it want to do. GRRR!!
It is still happening. Not add often but is still there. Thought it was gone. No such luck.