Refurbished Droid 1 Not Rotating


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Mar 1, 2010
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Just got my replacement refurbished Droid 1 phone "oh what fun it is resetting everything".
My question is I just got done reinstalling and setting up everything again and I notice this phone is having some trouble rotating from landscape to upright.

Sometimes when say I want to send a text holding it upright without the keyboard open just using the virtual keyboard then I sit it down it goes to landscape which is what it is suppose to do but when I pick it back up it is suppose to go back vertical but not this phone I either have to open and close the keyboard several times to get it switch back or just restart the phone.

I checked the settings to make sure I have checked auto-rotate screen and that is checked. This is on all the apps I have installed and it only does this sometimes so If I went to the Verizon store unless it was miss behaving they would not see it.

Any ideas on this? Do you think a factory reset would maybe fix this?

Also I can't remember if on my old phone if I turn it to landscape if the home screens turn too or didn't. I know this phone does not switch. Maybe someone can answer this.
With FroYo the homscreens do not rotate into landscape without the slide out keyboard open
Thanks that answered that part.
Any ideas on how to cure the rest of my problems?
There are always going to be glitches, especially in a refurb...sometimes if I *shake* my phone I get the feeling that performs these landscape orientations a bit faster, if you know it is worse than the original D you had then take it to VZW and explain the problem, hopefully they will make it right with you :)