Silly...but home screen doesn't rotate?


Nov 26, 2009
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I just got a replacement phone and noticed the home screen doesn't rotate from vertical to horizontal, even if I'm using an app in horizontal and return to home. However, if I pull out the hard keyboard it does rotate.

Now I can't be sure what the last phone this what everyone else's phone is doing too? Thanks!
Most people (myself included) swear that the home screen rotated with the keyboard closed... at least initially, but then stopped. But according to Matt from Motorola (see this thread on the Motorola site that this was not (or should not) be the case, as the home screen is not intended to be rotated with the keyboard closed.
Wow I was pretty sure it did so on the other one, not if I was at the home screen and turned it but if I was returning to home in that position. I guess its ok because I had a hard time swiping screens in landscape mode anyway. Thanks for your reply!
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