SBF renaming question w/RSDL 4.8


Oct 22, 2010
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I am thinking about what method I want to use to upgrade to 2.3.340 from 2.3.15. I have downloaded both the 2.3.320 full and 2.3.340 system only sbf's.

Because I am one of those luck guys who have to rename the sbf before RSD light can see the sbf, I renamed the 2.3.320 sbf to 8 caracters ex. x23320FL, loaded it into rsd 4.8 and success, the "start" button enables and the "File Properties" section for the sbf file fills in with information.

When I tried it with the 2.3.340 system only file, I had a 7 character name x23340s name that enabled the "start" button but did not fill in the "File Properties" section of RSDLite 4.8.

I can't try it out to test it because it will brick my phone if I don't use the 2.3.320 sbf first. But if 2.3.340 doesn't work, I am stuck at 2.3.320. Can anyone that doesn't have to rename their sbf to flash the 2.3.340 sbf tell me when you load, does the "File Properties" section fill in with information or is it blank also blank for you.

Also, if anyone else out there has to rename their sbf files to work, is there an easier way to figure out what character length to use without having to rename from x to xx to xxx to xxxx and reload/try each. If there is a trick to this I would appreciate knowing how it works. Thanks!