Safe to buy the incipio case from amazon?

I buy everything from Amazon. From video games to cereal and never had a problem. Even when I go to retail stores I scan the barcode to compare it to Amazon:D
Go for it! I have that case in grey and I love it. Adds just a little bit to the phone and makes it feel more comfortable to use. Be aware that it will not work with the extended battery unless you mod it a little lol. Enjoy!
No worries at all. I get most of my phone accessories from Amazon. Incipio, Steinheil, CaseMate, etc. I bought the OEM case/holster combo for my Bionic for under $11 shipped on Amazon. Same exact one that VZW sells for $30.
I just bought the black one, awesome case and it was shipped super fast.

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If you buy it from Daydeal, plan on waiting >10 days, and they charge you for shipping on EACH item. It's a joke. I've ordered 5 other things AFTER I purchased our new Nexus phones, and we're still waiting on the cases.
Do not buy any products from Versio either...they don't tell you that if you open the product there is a 15-25% restocking fee or they may simply refuse to reimburse the returned item.

The cuts for the buttons made the buttons very hard to push.


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