Incipio feather case with extended battery DIY


Nov 25, 2011
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Let me first say that half the people that read this post will probably think I am an idiot but this might interest a few.
I am not a big fan of cases on Phones but after buying a Incipio feather case for my Wife’s Bionic I was interested. I am worried about the bottom of the phone by the speaker scratching over time so I decided I would get a feather case as well.
I also am not one to carry two batteries around but would love to have the extended battery in my phone versus the standard. So when I saw the extended battery was 25 dollars through Verizon, I jumped on it. Now that I have it, I have decided to sell my regular battery on Ebay. I won’t be switching so why not recoup the cost. Hopefully you now know where I am coming from in the next paragraph.

Did some quick searching youtube for the feather case. Looks great but was apparent it will not fit with the extended battery. I saw in another thread, that people were just going without a cover to get there cases to fit. I personally feel uncomfortable not having anything on the back of my phone under the case to prevent dirt and debris from entering. I decided to cut the standard battery cover to allow the extended battery to be exposed. Looks bad but I feel it it is a good compromise for me and the Incipio case fits great. So I say if you like your phone, then cut away. I will hold on to the extended battery cover in case I every want to rock the GNex without a case. Pics enclosed
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PS if you buy the case directly from them, enter FBFAN2011 to get 15% off.
good idea....maybe i will do that with my double cover case. im not using the stock case any do you like the feather light case? does it offer sufficient protection?
Yes I like the case a lot. It proablly will only offer minimal protection during a fall but now I do not feel like I need to be very careful when sitting it down. It also provides a small lip above the glass in case you sit the phone face down

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I placed tape all the way around the cover/ battery. Now it is sealed pretty good. The real test will be testing Google wallet with this case on. If it does not work then this is a deal breaker. Yes I have been using it that much

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