Incipio Silicrylic case for $25.49 shipped for the Nexus

I think the Incipio case is going to be too tight of a fit for my liking. I think I'll go with either the Otterbox Commuter or the black Case-Mate Pop! case. The Pop! looks awesome and doesn't seem quite as bulky as the otterbox...tough decision.
Contact support at Incipio and asked about it working with the extended battery. They replied
"Kelyn I:
The cases we offer for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will fit the Verizon LTE model, but unfortunately they will not work with an extended battery.
Kelyn I:
The cases are form-fitting, so with an extended battery, it will affect the fit and the case will not go on as intended

So I want to verify that people who have it find it works with the extended battery anyway.

It works for me I just got the extended battery. fits great small gap on the back but I couldnt even tell until I read a comment above.
Here's pics with the extended battery, with the battery cover and with the battery cover removed. The bulge is nothing major, but it is there.

With battery cover

Without battery cover
Mine with the back cover on (ext. battery) looks exactly like jcardona's. A small gap but barely noticeable. I'm 12 hours into my first charge on the ext battery, streamed Pandora for a solid 8 hours today at work and am at 35%. This was with some texting (30-40) and lots of movie/camera shots for my 4yo's holiday party..
UPDATE: yeah I know I started this thread...but Verizon matched the price for me in the store and I got it today instead.

I agree there is a tiny gap between the plastic portion and the silicon part because of the exteneded battery but it is negligible and I honestly would have never noticed it if it hadn't been for someone here pointing it out.

Great looking case overall...hopefully it will handle some abuse.

Honestly, my only complaint is I wish it was actually a little more snug around the front of the phone, but I still give it an 8/10.
I only wish they had the light/dark grey case at the Verizon Store. I got the Black but that grey case looks cool.