Incipio Silicrylic case for $25.49 shipped for the Nexus


Dec 3, 2009
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I just ordered one...looks great...and is apparently the same as this one from Verizon: Set Your Location which I'm being told by a buddy fits the Nexus even with an extended battery.

Takes longer to arrive than the one from Verizon, but it's still about $5 bucks cheaper with the code.
i love the looks of the case but i wish there were other colors.
I've got that case on mine right now. It's good, I like it.

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I think that's the case I picked up at the Verizon store when I got my nexus. I like the protection of the hard back along with the rubberized texture for grip but coming from an OG it makes the Nexus really big in my opinion. I love the size of it without the case but I'm afraid to drop my phone and cause damage especially since I dropped it on day three.
This is the case I have too. There is no doubt that it makes the phone a bit more bulky, but I think the case is the best of both worlds with the protection it provides plus the grip factor. I also like the fact that I can sit the phone face down on the console of my Vehicles and it sticks/grips. If you try this face up the phone is going to slide all over. It does tend to pick up lint from your advised.
I have that case and my ext. battery just showed up today, fits no problem. I like the 2 piece case, you can flip the hard part off the back and put it on the front for more protection (fits better upside down).
How is the screen protector that was included with the case and how would you rate the case in terms of size? Is there any negatives to this case? I currently have the Diztronic TPU case but every time I touch the side of the phone I end up hitting the volume buttons because the case flexes so much (so I've decided I'm in the market for a new case).
I wasn't aware the case came with a screen protector, I got the regular ol' Verizon ones (3pk)... I have no problem with the size, the added protection is worth it to me.
Picked this case up at lunch. Don't have my extended battery yet so I can't comment on how the fit is, although I have seen other places where they say it leaves a small gap between the hard case and sylicone, which seems fine. It doesn't really add too much bulk, no more than my Thunderbolt in a TPU case. It has good grip and I like both the lip around the screen so I can place it face down and not worry about the screen in direct contact with the surface and also the thickness on the back which on the flip side, doesn't cause the camera to touch the surface when its on its back. Also the hard part of the case keeps the silicone part in place, I have had silicone cases that the top will get caught coming out of your pocket and almost pull the entire case off. One reason I passed on the TPU cases is that the volume cover had issues lining up with the extended battery. Any volume button issues with the extended battery on this case?
No issues W/ the incipio 2 part case yet. Got it at launch.

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Contact support at Incipio and asked about it working with the extended battery. They replied
"Kelyn I:
The cases we offer for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will fit the Verizon LTE model, but unfortunately they will not work with an extended battery.
Kelyn I:
The cases are form-fitting, so with an extended battery, it will affect the fit and the case will not go on as intended

So I want to verify that people who have it find it works with the extended battery anyway.