[ROM][04/08/11]De-sensed DAS_BAMF 1.4 Non-Themed

May 3, 2010
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Pawnee, IN
(Disclaimer: I did not make this ROM. I'm just forwarding the info here. Next thing you know I'll be forwarding trunks full of money on here too.)

dbu said:
This is DAS_BAMF 1.4 non-themed as much as I could get it. I did this for myself but a couple people were interested so with Adrynalyne's blessing I decided to post it up for those that do not like sense. I used Go Launcher EX to replace Rosie(sense launcher) and also included the free Go SMS Pro, and Go Missed Notifications (if you want to use a different launcher you can adb push to /system/app/ or just open the ROM zip with 7zip and remove GO Launcher and replace with Launcher Pro, or ADW, etc)

2. Wipe data/cache/system/dalvik
2. Download ROM
3. Flash ROM via CWR
4. Download one of Adryn's kernels from ROM Manager (under MrBobrowitz's section) or http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1014239
5. Flash kernel
6. Be happy

Note: there seems to be a little bug with all 3rd party launchers where if you you hit the phone button and the dialer pops up, the contact list is blank and the smart dial does not work. To remedy this long press phone, select a new application and restart Launcher Pro then add the phone back, you may also have to open up the dialer and try to dial a few numbers and delete them and the contacts should appear. Not really sure why this happens.

Again, I did this for me, so I won't be offering any real support for it, and I seriously doubt Adrynalyne will either so flash at your own risk. I have been running this for a couple days and it has been working very well for me, and I will probably keep running it until something compelling is released, with that said, have fun and flash away.

All credit goes to Adrynalyne and ThatDudeButch and anyone else that had anything to do with Das_BAMF

Download ROM:
Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

I forgot to add the GO Launcher Notifications, you can find them on the Android Market or here:

Additional Kernels:
You know where to find them, there's a lot floating around right now...

XDA Thread
I highly recommend this rom for those of you that are big on battery life but want a great ROM. I used the Sense UI with Das BAMF 1.4 for a day before this De-Sensed Das BAMF 1.4 came out. Battery life is noticeably improved and there's a good 60-70MB difference between this rom and the full Sensed 1.4. It is also a TON smoother. If you're a big fan of stock unbloated roms - GET THIS. I am absolutely loving it.

Those of you wondering, yes, in the pulldown notification bar, you still have the powerbar (which is SWEET).

Hey guys can't wait to try the senseless 1.4, what I'm wondering is I use Tibu paid version so I can backup and restore stuff much easier. Anyway after running a batch operation backup, i noticed some htc-(random) is this going to conflict with the senselessness of this. Rom? Tia.
Cool... Is there an unthemed sense 1.4 I Love sense.

Brought by a Holy Thunderbolt from Oden
Awesome ROM! I switched to Virus rom after using 1.3, but 1.4 has me back for sure. Power controls in the notification tray are awesome, and the six bar signal indicator is more useful than I'd imagined. Flash works (It didn't in virus rom, and it was installed in /system -- a real pain to get rid of.)

But how do I use themes? menu->personalize doesn't work with GO launcher or Launcher PRO installed.

And the status bar power control app mentions a "death ray" flashlight mode, but I can't figure out how to activate the flashlight from the power control (I don't see a button for it.).

Also, sometimes when I have a notification in the tray, (saying "wireless tether active" or "1 new photo added to drocap2 folder") If I click it it goes away, and doesn't launch me into an app.

I've also flashed the zip to remove the data cap here. It's hard to say if its working, but it definitely didn't mess up anything noticeable.

Another thing I'd like to recommend are these battery life lengthening low-voltage kernels. Everything runs smoothly.
Bug list?

Do you have a bug list for this rom?
1. Won't keep notification ringtone settings
2. Really laggy at changing from portrait to landscape, and vice versa.