Rigging Quadrant score for the lulz


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Feb 3, 2011
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*A lot of this is common knowledge, but for anyone new...*

Have you ever wondered who some people got ridiculously high Quadrant scores like this?

Well, heres how to do it.

1. Enable all of the Stagefright options in your build.prop with whatever tool you want to use. (then restart)

2. Overclock your phone to whatever you like

3. *You can use a terminal emulator on you phone for this too, but it will be slightly different*

Connect your phone to the computer and get it on the adb shell. Type in:
"cd system" Then, type this: "mount -t tmpfs tmpfs com.aurora*"

If you are on a terminal emulator on your phone, first type in "su" to give it root, than in the step with the mount, type in "busybox mount -t tmpfs tmpfs com.aurora*" instead.

4. Run Quadrant once, but then run it again, you will notice a quite significant increase in your score.

Note: All these changes (except stagefright afaik) are undone when you reboot your phone
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