Rhapsody Problem


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Jan 6, 2011
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I just bought The Droid X and love it!!! I have been using Rhapsody for years with my previous phones. I downloaded the Rhapsody App and linked it up with my PC. I transfered all the songs I wanted but the phone wants to stream these songs via 3G instead of playing them from the hard drive. Has anyone had this problem? I am hoping this isnt how it operates... Any help would be great!!!



Dec 18, 2010
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Im having problems with sideloading(from Rhapsody PC to phone), so yesterday I called to get my money back they suggested I try the app and they will give me next month free.

So I tried the app and yes its not playing from the (phones)harddrive instead it seems to streaming from sort of a playlist.

Because when I tried it and downloaded an album from the app it wasnt on in my library of songs with the others but if I go through the site and go to "my library" it had that previous downloaded album plus ALL the ones I had already downloaded long ago but from my laptop, I only downloaded one from the phone. I don't know how that workes

I can only guess that on PC or app everthing you download is on their harddrive and somehow linked to your account which you access when you log in or something like that.

Either way im cancelling this, software or app is not working good at all with the Droid X and even calls to support over the phone and on their website isn't going any where.

Go to their knowledge database and look up "Droid X Side Loading problems" been 3 months now since that topic started.

It seems to be only a few of us complaining about it, so either we just part of the minority with problems, people with Droid X just gave up long ago, or not alot of people with Droid X use Rhapsody so its not being paid attention too right now as like high priority.

Now I know what them guys feel like that can't get their emails to work