Rhapsody-to-Go and Music Players


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Nov 3, 2010
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I have the Rhapsody Android app AND I also use my desktop PC to download tracks that I then transfer to my Droid X. Using the Android music player, I can listen to those tracks with no problem (other than the weird 5-second cutoff that some people have noted here). I was also able to do this with my old BB Storm and regular old MP3 players.

However, when I try to listen to those same Rhapsody-to-go tracks on the new PowerAMP music player, the player simply skips over all the tracks without playing them. It can see them, and it finds them (even their album art), but it won't PLAY anything but mp3 files. The Rhapsody-to-go files are wma files, so they're not anything weird.

How on earth can the boring Android music player play something that PowerAMP can't play?? Has anyone had success playing Rhapsody-to-go songs on an app OTHER than the Android standard player?

Rhapsody Subscription Tracks

I am not a geek and I am planning to dump Rhapsody. However, you sid that you have installed "PowerAmp," you have have to re'download' your subscription tracks again to hear them. Try a couple of tracks.