How do I set PowerAMP as my default mp3 player?


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Jul 29, 2011
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I want to use PowerAMP as my default .mp3 player when clicking on a music or download link instead of the stock Sound Player or Music Player that comes on the Verizon Samsung phones.

The only options I'm allowed are to open the file with Sound Player or the Browser. PowerAMP does not show up as an option.

The only way I can use PowerAMP is to download the entire music file first, then launch PowerAMP and find it in my music folder.

I went to Settings-Manage Applications, and there are no defaults set on any one of my music players, I need to find out how to set PowerAMP as my default player for all music files.

And I'm afraid to uninstall the Verizon-installed stock music players out of fear that I won't be able to re-install them again until the next software update comes out.
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PowerAmp option comes up for might want to reinstall it..
Nah, tried that. Already paid for it twice. There is something else I'm missing.

Somebody else here will probably have the answer.
Yeah you might be right./'s pretty straight forward but perhaps someone has a trick that will let the Android OS see the Poweramp app all of a sudden for you...:p .....