Retired my Rezound

Xander Crews

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Sep 28, 2010
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St. Louis
Just retired my Rezound and upgraded to the HTC One M7. I'll keep the Rezound for a while for a backup if needed.
Bought the HTC One M7 outright, used (but near mint), to keep my unlimited data no Verizon.

You served me well were a great phone. But it's been two years...time to move on to bigger and better things. :biggrin:
Congrats and good luck with your new toy.
Im not far behind you, just getting info for updating a rezzy is more difficult than getting the same info for a blackberry storm.
I loved my Rezound. It was definitely a top notch phone. Easly one of the best for its time. But compared to my Moto X it's night and day. Good luck with the M7. I almost got that instead of the X. It's a great phone. You made a good choice.

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