Power On/Off and USB Connection Notification Ringtone


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Aug 20, 2010
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Palo Alto, CA
Hello Everyone,

I have multiple custom ringtones that I have set for SMS and contacts for phone calls. My notification ringtone (Menu -> Settings ->Sound & Display -> Notification Ringtone) is set to one of my custom ringtones. I've noticed that when I power on/off my phone, it uses the default system ringtone instead of the custom ringtone I set for notifications.

I also noticed that when I connect my phone to my PC using a USB cable, it will use my custom ringtone that I set for notifications, but when I disconnect my phone from my PC, it will use the default system ringtone.

I didn't see any options in Sound & Display to use my custom notification ringtone when powering on/off my phone or disconnecting from my PC. Any ideas of where this can be done?

Happening to me

Did you ever figure out how to solve this issue? It is happening to me.
It seems that when you're phone is shutting down, it disables your SD card where all your ringtones reside. That's why it uses the system default ringtone because it's on the phone's memory.

When connecting your phone to your PC via USB cable, your custom ringtone will work because the SD card is not yet recognized by your PC. When you disconnect your phone from your PC, the system ringtone is used because your SD card was last accessed by your PC. There is not enough time for your phone to acknowledge the SD card when you unplug.

I hope that helps.
Turn off sound on SD Card notifications

Thank you -- you helped alot. This easiest solution to the problem was to go to Sounds - SD Card notifications and make sure that it isn't checked. When I turn the phone off/on, now there is no sound. Better than having to deal with the default.