setting my OWN ringtones as texting tones?


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Nov 30, 2010
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i have figured out how to set my own customized ringtone for when somebody calls me (get the part of the song i want from and e-mailing it to my phone) but for some reason when i save it as my ringtone, it only shows up under "phone ringtone" it doesn't show up under "notification ringtone" can anybody tell me how i can save sounds from texts so that they show up under my "notification ringtone" (NOT calling sound) thank you
Use ringdroid to create it. I don't know if the stock messaging app lets you set it to individuals, but handcent does.
I use ringdroid and it's a great app, but I can't use my own ringtones for notifications. I hope someone has some other suggestions.
No struggle to it. Simply use the Handcent Messaging app. While in the process of sending a text to a particular contact, click the settings button in the upper right corner and any change you make will apply to that contact only. you can customize nearly everything for each contact. or click back one screen and customize for everyone. change font size, color, appearance, notification settings, everything imaginable. and if you haven't tried smart keyboard you don't know what you are missing. has T9 in portrait that is amazingly accurate and responsive.