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Nov 13, 2009
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Hi everyone, i want to set individual ringtones and txt notifications for each person in my :motdroidhoriz:. How would i go about doing this i can only seem to change the default ringtone and default notification. also, i downloaded an app with star wars sounds, but cant find them using Ringdroid to set as a ringtone or notification, how would i set these as well. i want to make chewbacca yell when my wife sends me a text :icon_ devil:

thanks guys!
For individual ringtones, go into the contact. Hit "menu" button. Open "Options", click "ringtones"...
Ive used Ringdroid and other programs to install new contact ringtones. Now the list that pops up to let you choose a ringtone is filled with duplicates. Is their a way to remove these duplicates?