Ringtones not working.


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Nov 22, 2010
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I downloaded a ringtone off Mabilo on my Droid 2, and set it as default ringtone. And its still not using it as ringtone when I get a call. I've gone into settings, and looked in the sounds folder and its there, but when I touch it to play it, its the default ringer that sounds like actual phone ringing. Frustrating.
I have the Droid 1 and I had a similar problem, but not sure it's what you're having. I found a solution to my problem, but I hope it's the solution to your problem too.
Whenever I download a song from Mabilo Ringtones, and set it as default ringtone, I then had to exit Mabilo and from the main menu, press the menu button, press settings, press sounds, and press ring tones and then I had to set it as ringtone there (it kept setting it as silent from Mabilo for some weird reason).
That solved my problem. I hope that helps!
  • From the Music player application library, navigate to a song you want to use as a phone ringtone
  • Touch & hold the song in the list to open the context menu. (You can also access same menu during song playback by pressing the Menu key)
  • Select Use as phone ringtone. The ringtone is set as your default incoming call ringtone and copied to your Phone ringtone list.