Poll: What is Your Sex : )

cereal killer

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Oct 29, 2009
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We have this ongoing discussion about the Droid having a masculine look and feel to it. I particularly love the look. It's got a rugged look and is very angular. It looks very sturdy and tough next to the sleek iPhone. I THINK that more men will be attracted to the device than women. Just a hunch..

I'm curious what sex most users will be. Please vote. If you want to leave a comment please do. I want to hear what people think about the looks of the Droid. Think it's sexy? think it's rugged, think it's balanced between sexy and masculine etc etc...

There is a metro sexual link in there too : ) so be honest.....

I added one for your poll :p Might as well have fun with it :p
well that would make them a hermaphrodite then
This one was certain to be one sided :icon_ devil:
well we have 3 women so far...thats great
i said metro... i have 76 pairs of shoes. :shocked:
Nowhere on the list do I see "extremely wild, hot, and under 5 minutes"