Please help!!!!!!

They might still be able to. You're best suited to flash SBF or use recovery to flash a stock ROM onto your phone after doing a factory reset to try to wipe everything off it.
my headphone jack crackles and pauses music as if im puling out the 3.5 jack while nothing is touching it, its hardware not software, sounds like a horrible connection on the inside and keeps getting worse
so the part about running rsd as admin is a bit confusing, im using widows vista and is obviously newer than xp, i dont follow how to make rsd run as admin?
Are you the only person using the computer/is there only one account on the computer?

And that's not uncommon on the Droid (the headphone jack issue). The jack is the real Achilles heel of the D1.
yes it is my computer, i am the only one and i am the puters admin, i think, well i tried to argue the point of the jack with tech support and they just said all they can do is try another phone, so i will try another phone and they will keep giving me one until i get one that works or they get fed up with replacing it, atleast until the droid bionic is released then i will use my upgrade
how do i know or how to get the correct drivers for droid as the video on using rsd is talking about?
when i tried installing the drivers for 64 bit included in the post with rsd, it could not load drivers, encountering a problem, so how do i go about getting the correct drivers?
PM me bro, I can fix you quick.....but the RS guy is the man lets wait for him to finish.....I am sure he wont leave you hanging????
Solved....come back RS with a cup of coffee huh? (insert LMAO emoticon!)
Glad you got him fixed up. :) I'd throw a thanks up there but this forum doesn't have that option.

My signal here is utter crap sometimes. Couple that with a schedule that starts at 2PM and ends at 5AM and that means you're eating food after midnight. ;) If I were a Mogwai i'd be surrounded by Gremlins by now. :D
He fixed himself....I just made sure his OS was what it was, and the Links that were posted were proper (they weren't) but hey, he is good, now we move on! OP had it down, and was just being cautious...good for him....
My grandma moved us to the East.....To bad the music scene is all west coast...ha ha, now we can work together, and OP can help....