[NOOB] Droids w/ Physical Keyboard


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Mar 9, 2010
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Hi all,

I have gotten some great advice on this forum before, the community is really awesome. Let me preface my question by saying I am newb. No roots or mods for me, basic browsing, texting, email and app usage. I have learned about great apps and little tricks on here. I currently have a Motorola Droid (2 years now getting laggy and looking beat up) and I am thinking about buying a D2G. I need a phone that has a physical keyboard. I can't stand touch screen keyboards when I am wrtitng emails on the go. Other than the D2G, what else is out there? I know there is the Droid Pro, which isnt so bad but some people on here dont seem to like it or the D2G. I don't know what other options there are (currently on Verizon voice/date plan) Should I wait? Is there a better phone with a phys keyboard coming down the pipeline soon?

Looking for some advice, thanks!
I liked the physical keyboard as well, until Swiftkey. Give it a try. Predictive text can be fun.
I have a d2g and love it..... other than the lack of support for it. I have to have a physical keyboard. Ive tried pretty much all of the onscreen keyboards and just cant get used to it.

Theres the regular d2 if you can find one however VZW doesnt sell them anymore and you have to buy it elsewhere. Otherwise theres only the Pro which has even less support....