Physical keyboard, better with age???


Nov 28, 2009
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I am asking this based on some posts in another thread and wanted to ask this to everyone.

There is a thought out there that someone who uses the physical keyboard a lot tends to find that the keys "bubble" hence making it seem as though they are less flat that before. The topic was brought up because someone got a refurb and thought they keyboard was not the same as the first Droid they had.

Now, I NEVER use the physical keyboard and after reading the post I checked mine out, indeed the keys seem more "raised" than before. I belive it may be the heat generated from the device over time that causes a change....

Any ideas?
the keyboards are different, my mother and I have one each, her keys are like Chiclets and mine is just a bubble all togehter, i use my keyboard a lot and i can type on it without looking at the keyboard, and it has become softer to type on as well. They dont feel raised, they feel like they are coming off the bottom!
My family has 4 Droids. My sister and I have bubbled keys. They were flat when we got the phones. We use our keyboards all the time. Mom and dad have flat keys and they never use their keyboards. Hope this helps.
I use the hardware keyboard exclusively. To the point that I uninstalled shapewriter.
It seems that they break in with age....Mine have seemed to loosten up or raise as well. :motdroidhoriz:
I use the hard keyboard a lot and have done so for over 2 months. My keys are still as flat as the day i got it.
I use the hard keyboard a lot and have done so for over 2 months. My keys are still as flat as the day i got it.

Same here after three months, if that helps at all.
I SERIOUSLY doubt that using the keyboard has any physical effect on the keys. If this were true why are ALL the keys "bubbled" the same height? If this theory was correct wouldnt only the keys that were used more often be Bubbled and the keys rarely used be flat?!
Maybe the keys have loosened up a bit and are easier to press. I don't think I believe in bubbling though. One thing is for sure: I am getting better with the keyboard. When I first got it for Christmas I thought the keyboard was a joke and I even decided to return the thing because of it. (I was also hugely dissappointed that verizon didn't allow the removal of the amazon music store app.) But the droid is pretty awesome when you get to know it.
My keys feel much better after the use theyve had. For some odd reasons they do feel more bubbled than when I bought it as well.
My keys are flat and my Droid is less than a month old. I got the Droid because it had a keyboard but I am getting more use to the screen and at times wish I had gotten one without the keyboard so it would be a little more streamlined. But it is what it is.
I don't use the physical kb much at all, but it definitely seems like my keys are more raised, or bubbled, now than when I first got it. I still can't, type worth a toot on it though.
Mine have definately bubbled over time because I almost always use the physical keyboard
I only use the physical KB for terminal commands / and logging in on restore(s) / thinking about getting the nexus once it comes to vz and giving the droid to the wife. The physical kb was actually a negative...