Your Droid Physical Keyboard


Nov 25, 2009
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Los Angeles, CA
I've been talking to my coworker about this since yesterday and I've come here to take a poll.

My coworker got his droid on launch day, build 41/09. I got mine 3 weeks later, build 44/09.

His physical keyboard is flat. My physical keyboard letters are individually raised. My friend and her husband got their droids yesterday and both of their keyboards are flat. So does anyone else here have a raised keyboard like mine? :blink:


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no offense but...
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I put raised, because it is not flat, but compared to my old G1 i consider it flat,44/09
Mine are flat as well. Post up some pics of your keyboard. The only raised keys I have seen on a Droid is on the dummy units so I'm interested to see the raised one on working devices.
I'll post pics when my co-worker comes back. No camera, need his droid to take a pic of mine and vice-versa.
Mine are flat too.. Im waiting for someone (I would but to lazy) to invent something like small rubber dots the size of a pinhead to put on top of the keys to help differentiate, prob is making sure it fits when you close it. But all in all, I am used to it now and type rather good on it, but its no voyager keyboard.. Waiting for the first phone to come out with replaceable physical keyboards.

i chose "raised" because they feel raised when running your finger across it. To look at it though it seems flat.

When using it to type you can tell each key from one another becasue of the slight raise in each of my keys.
Also if you notice, their are 2 raised, what look like molding marks, on the F and J keys, I dont know if thats intentional to be an orientation marks (To let you know where you are on the keyboard) or just left over plastic from the factory..if they were harder would be nice..
Aw man, mine are flat like the top pic. I think I'd really like the bubbled keys. I'm crazy jealous right now!

and btw NoKz, your avatar rocks!
Man, now I'm envious of anyone with the raised keyboard. The flat keyboard still works well but I hate how the lowest row slopes downwards and isn't even flat. It makes hitting the spacebar a bit hard and that really annoys me.