Need help to bionic or not to bionic?


Oct 20, 2010
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Hey all,

I have had my eye on the bionic like many others and of course new phones are coming out later in the year. I have a job that requires a lot of dictation(typing). The bionic appealed to me due to the laptop dock accessory. I wonder if the dock has an usb so I can hook up a hard drive (external) and save my dictation until I put into the work system. Vlingo is great but it would be easy to type stuff as soon as I am done instead of putting it off (not on purpose). I came close to buying cheap net book but figured if bionic can fit the need then why not just get it. Any suggestions orothers in my situation greatly appreciated. I hate typing but my job is so dictation heavy. I hope the dock would weigh less than even anet book. Anybody else got any ideas onhow to be more productive on dictation? I think the bionic with dock is one way. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.