Need anyone here with experience with Vlingo and MS word


Oct 20, 2010
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Hey all,

I know Vlingo works very well been using it for speech to text for dictation and emailing my gmail account. Can I use Vlingo and microsoft word on droid? Has anyone tried this and was it successful to save word documents. I think my work computer has word 2003 and home computer has 2007. It would be a great productive combo I think if it worked together. Does anyone do this? I hope I explained what I am trying to get accomplished.

Example: I talk to Vlingo (Speech to Text) and email myself the dicatation I just spoke. Can I speak to Vlingo (Speech to Text) and get it on word and save document so I can send it to email and its already done to copy and paste in state system at work. I currently type my dictation and I am sick of writing hand notes. Thanks in advance!!