Need Help With Vlingo

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Apr 30, 2010
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I went to the Android Market and spent the $10.00 to buy Vlingo because I loved it on my storm. The only problem is that it won't download. All that Il get is the spinning bar that says authorizing purchase but it won't download. In the first 24 hours I attempted to get a refund and I got the
notice "Attention a server error has occured. Retry or cancel." I can not cancel and it will not download. I really want Vlingo on my Droid. I contacted Vlingo about the issue and I was told that the problem is with the Android Market. I sent them an email with no response. I called HTC to see if they could remove the spinning bar for the Vlingo spinning bar and they said that it is an Android Market problem and they can't help.
How can I get Vlingo on my phone. I have paid for it and it won't download. Does anyone have an email address for the Android Market.
Phone Man