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Jul 5, 2010
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All Working DX Roms
compiled by want a droid

Note: This isn't my area since I'm a D2 owner, but I'm holding down the D2 threads and figured I could help out the DX section. If I'm missing any roms or if I've made any mistakes at all please just post a reply with a link to the thread or telling me what I need to fix. Thanks!

I'm keeping the layout simple. All roms that have a section in the DX Roms section are listed and only the latest version is linked.

SSX 1.1 by ChevyNo1 (released: 12/25/10)
Thread | Instant Download!

ApeX 1.3.1 for Droid X by Fabolous (released: 12/10/10)
Thread | Instant Download!

rubiX Focused 1.9.5 by drod2169 (released: 12/25/10)
Thread | Instant Download!

GummyJar 2.5 by kejar31 (released: 12/28/10)
Thread | Instant Download!

Rumm Rx v1.0.3 by jrummy16 (released: 12/8/10)
Thread | Instant Download!

Liberty 1.0 by kejar31 & jrummy16 (released: 1/11/11)
Thread | Instant Download!


  • Post any comments about the post itself (if I've made any errors please point out)
  • Post any suggestions about the thread
  • Post any new Roms that you would like to see added to the list (links to threads please)
  • Rom creators please PM me or post if you have any comments

Lol, I was sitting here thinking that I knew there were more and for the life of me couldn't name any.
It will be handy to get this list updated because all of the X roms that are available do not have an actual thread here. So links to where they can be found would be very helpful for many.

Thanks Want a Droid