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Jul 5, 2010
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All Working DX Themes
compiled by want a droid

I've listed each available rom and then posted below links to different themes available for that specific rom. Some roms have an app used for themes, so you must consult that for your "theme-ing" needs.

If you come across a theme I've missed or a new one comes out, simply post the link in a reply and I'll add it.

Note: Before you install any theme make sure you read the theme's entire post regarding Roms it works with. Most themes will work with stock Rom, but
always read the instructions and information!

Basic Theme Install Instructions:
1. Boot into CW Recovery
2. Make a back up (optional)
3. Mount /system
4. Install zip from sdcard (choose your zip)
5. Yes - install

All Themes below will be links to the respected thread. Please direct all questions, comments, and criticism to the specific thread. You can find screenshots at the specific thread.

Note: This isn't my area since I'm a D2 owner, but I'm holding down the D2 threads and figured I could help out the DX section. If I'm missing any themes or if I've made any mistakes at all please just post a reply with a link to the thread or telling me what I need to fix. Thanks!

SSX 1.1 by ChevyNo1 (released: 12/25/10)
Themes not provided by ChevyNo1

ApeX 1.3.1 for Droid X by Fabolous (released: 12/10/10)
All themes found here: Themes Thread

rubiX Focused 1.9.5 by drod2169 (released: 12/25/10)
All themes found here: Themes Thread

GummyJar 2.5 by kejar31 (released: 12/28/10)
Rockin' Rainbows
Matted Blues
White & Gala S GB
Big DX Serenity
Super GB
Simplistic Remix

Rumm Rx v1.0.3 by jrummy16 (released: 12/8/10)

Liberty 1.0 by kejar31 & jrummy16 (released: 1/11/11)
All themes found in the Liberty Toolbox App, some found here.


  • Post any comments about the post itself (if I've made any errors please point out)
  • Post any suggestions about the thread
  • Post any new Roms that you would like to see added to the list (links to threads please)
  • Rom creators please PM me or post if you have any comments