[LIST] All Working D2 Themes

want a droid... You might want to put which rom versions they apply to as well.. for example, 928Droid's theme doesn't work on 2.4.5 as of yet, and he has pulled the 2.3.15 and 2.40 versions since there were too many problems with the roms.

---oops, saw that you had the comment from Red, may not need this then.... :) helps if I pay attention.....
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Will try to update the themes this weekend. Been busy with midterms :p
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I installed NexTheme on Fission 1.1. Everything looks great, except that the notification bar is no transparent anymore. Could this be fixed? The transparent notification was one of my fav parts. :)
roboots21: the themes posted are Fission 1.0 specific (see first post).

They are based off of Fission 1.0 therefore by using it on 1.1 you may experience bugs/changes.

1. Direct all comments, questions, concerns to Droid 2 Themes and Apps - xda-developers (as posted)

2. Themes won't be ported to 1.1 until 1.1 final is released (it is still in test stage).
draya.. just wanted to say thanks for porting these over.. im loving the fission rom and now using the nextheme with it along with lp plus... loving it.. thanks again
Fission 1.1 officially released as per Droid Life... Please, I need my NEXTheme fix :D