Key Plus Allows You To Change The LG G4 Volume Key Shortcut


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Oct 6, 2011
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One of the coolest baked in features of the LG G4 is the ability to quickly launch and take a picture by double pressing the Volume down button. This is by far the quickest way to take a picture on a smart phone which is great because nothing is more frustrating then when you pull out your phone and have to fumble around with it to launch the camera and take a picture. More times than not the moment is gone by the time you get the camera up and running. LG's quick launch feature effectively fixes that problem.

The volume up quick launch app is not nearly as cool. By double pressing the volume up you get quick memo+. Who really needs a note pad instantly? Would the extra few seconds needed to launch the app make you forget what you were going to take note of? If you wanted to change this to launch any other app now you can with the "Key Plus" app. For now the Key Plus app can only change volume up double press action. LG has hard coded the camera launch function into the software so for now it is not changeable. Grab this app from the Play Store link below.

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