LG News Part 2: LG G4 Coming in Q2 With New Design & Improved Camera


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Dec 30, 2010
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Here's our second news piece of the morning for LG. A new report indicates the LG's flagship, the G4 is on track for a Q2 launch. Supposedly, the G4 will have an all new design concept to distinguish it from its predecessors and its competition. According to this report, it will also have an improved camera and "strong visual experience" (whatever that means).

No actual specifics were given, nor were there any other details shared. Most of the industry speculation points to a 5.5-inch QHD display and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 as its primary features. We've heard earlier rumors that LG is working on a 20 MP "advanced OIS" camera. Perhaps that's what will show up in this device. Share your thoughts.

The image above is a random artist's concept render.

Here's our LG G4 section for further discussion: LG G4 Android Forum at DroidForums.net

Source: ZDNet Korea
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The G3 is nice. I'm looking forward to seeing what LG can do to improve upon it.
If they get the 20mp camera I am in. Pictures taken with M9 with 20mp camera were awesome.
Definitely a phone I will be checking out! Have been very impressed with the LG G series of phones!
I went and played with phones out of boredom today, and it still amazes me how comfortable the G3 is in the hand. I really hope they continue that trend.

on the move..