LG G4 May Come with 21MP Camera


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Dec 30, 2010
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It turns out that LG was the breakout success story in the Android world in 2014. Their Nexus 5 and G3 smartphones where well received critically and sold well globally. Of course, because of that, LG is probably looking to solidify that success and lock in their share of the Android world in 2015. The latest rumors suggest they are already hard at work developing the LG G4 and positioning it to really take their brand to the next level.

One of the big things they will supposedly be focusing on is the camera quality on the G4. According to the reported intel, LG plans to introduce a 21MP camera with optical image stabilization in the G4. Obviously that hardly means their camera quality will be superior, considering that a high MegaPixel rating doesn't necessarily translate into improved images (just higher resolution images); however, it's not too surprising that LG will focus more in this area. It seems that camera quality is becoming the hot ticket feature most talked about with the latest smartphones.

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Source: BGR