Just got Android Wear 2.0 on my LG Urbane!!

Awesome! I was just posting in the catch all Android Wear update thread that my watch is telling me to charge to update.

I had it on the charger for 20-30 minutes at lunch and that wasn't long enough, so I'll have to toss it on the charger when I get home from work.
Got it here as well on LG Urbane. How do notifications work under Android Wear 2.0?
You also have more control over how notifications work. You'll see.
Liking AW 2.0. Feels like what it should have been. Feels "finished".

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I haven't played with it much. Got it installed after work, but I don't usually wear the watch when I'm hanging out at home. I did uninstall some of the apps from my phone that I never use on the watch, played with faces, took the tutorial, etc.

I hope they improve the Play Store experience. I tried tapping screen shots before downloading a new face, but it didn't seem to do anything even though it looked like it registered my touch.

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Ah man! Double tapping the physical button doesn't turn on theater mode anymore? That sucks.

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I definitely like how the music controls take over the whole watch face and push the time up to the top when listening to music. Kinda bummed that they hid the thumbs up and down under a menu after another tap. I liked being able to just swipe over and hit those while driving instead of fumbling with the phone. It's still doable on the watch, but takes more effort.

It really does kinda feel like a whole different watch, even though I'm using the same old watch face.
Just got it installed on my Urbane this morning. Liking the changes so far
Has anyone noticed any lag on the Urbane with this Update? It may be the Watch Face im using. Im using WatchMaker for my Watch Faces.
Has anyone noticed any lag on the Urbane with this Update? It may be the Watch Face im using. Im using WatchMaker for my Watch Faces.
Have you rebooted since the update? I was noticing a ton of lag on the initial boot up after the install, but I've restarted it a couple of times and it seems much better.

This is a substantial update, so just like a phone or tablet, it might also not hurt to reset it and start fresh after installing if just rebooting doesn't help.
i power off my watch every night and Charger first thing in the morning. I wish it charged like phone with out powering on.
Might be time for a reset of the watch...Like I said, mine seems to be running fine. Maybe try clearing cache and etc. in your AW app first? Though I doubt the phone app has a whole lot to do with overall lagging on the watch.
Doing a FDR right now. FDR seems like a Forbidden Term. So Scary. LOL. Will see what happens.
Nothing wrong with an fdr. Usually fixes most bugs. It's been that way since back in the OG Droid days. At least a watch takes less time to setup than a phone.

One thing I'm having trouble getting used to is having to tap to view more info on a notification instead of swipe. I think I like the implementation, but I keep accidentally dismissing notifications that I'm trying to expand. I think I'll like the change once I get used to it though.

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