It's been out for 2 weeks things stand now, are you keeping your Droid?


Nov 20, 2009
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Let me get this out of the way...I'm not getting an iphone(carrier issues), and Palm os is pretty much ceasing to exist, so I'm not a fanboy of any sort. I need a new smartphone, which will require me to get comfortable with a new os. Right now, I'm pretty objective.

I've had my Droid for 2 weeks today. No need to go over all of the issues (most of which come from being an early adopter of this phone) like echo, email, camera,bla bla bla. Motorola says that most of the issues will be addressed Dec 11-ish with an os update. That is just a few days after the deadline for returning my phone.

Android seems like a great os, and the Droid has the best screen I've seen on any phone (which is how I can justify the size of the phone). Having said that, do I really want to keep this thing beyond the 30 day return period? Is it worth the gamble that the os update will 'fix' a substantial portion of the bugs? Would this even be an issue if the phone didn't have such a FINE screen?

I'm really at a loss as to what to do.
You've stated the same sentiments I have. Right now it just seems like a gamble to wait for the OS update and have it delayed and/or not address the pertinent issues that users have. I too am not a fanboy, I just want a good mobile solution to the multitasking that I have to do everyday.

Anyone else got some good feedback?
I read somewhere, either on this forum or on another, that Verizon extended a customers return deadline date until after the 12/11 update. Might be worth giving them a call and expressing your concerns and asking for an extension.
I will never take back my Droid. I LOVE this phone compared to my iPhone. I have no echo problems, my email is working great and the camera works fine for me. With any new OS you will have bugs. The iPhone 3G has their fair share. I went through many OS updates. I'm looking forward to the December 11th update or whenever it really comes out. I'm not worried one bit
As an early adapter I expect some issues.. none of the current issues with the Droid would prompt me to return it.. issues that are not fixed with the next update will be fixed at some point and I am fine with that.. as it stands now, there is nothing that will make me return it...

Posed this from my Droid :)
Any issues that I have should be fixed through updates. I am keeping it.
I am keeping mine for sure. I might have gotten lucky or maybe the people without problems are just staying relatively quiet. I got mine on day one and the camera red box thing was the only issue I had. However, even with the red boxes, my camera still took pretty good pictures and I found that I got better pictures by using the onscreen button for taking the picture compared to the physical button. Everything else on the phone has been great and I have been able to get the apps that I needed and wanted.
I am 45 years old and the Droid is IMHO the GREATEST personal technology device I have ever used. (In relation to the other technology at the time.)

Next 4:

2. My First PC - 386 (4MB Ram 60MB HD)
3. Motorola flip phone - circa 1994 - Cellular One
4. The first Palm Pilot.
5. The first RIO MP3 player. - whopping 32MB of storage
6. Honorable Mention - Fluke LAN tester. (Did not own but used.)
Of course, there was never a doubt!
I bought it from Best Buy on the first day and there is no question. Keeping it.
"Posed this from my Droid :)"

Ah, the irony.

Sorry, couldn't resist :)
I must be one of the lucky ones, other than some contact sync strangeness, I'm just not having problems. I have a few things I'd like to see added but, other than that, I love the phone so far.