Reverting back to old Alltel's only been two weeks.


Jun 22, 2011
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I'm a little irritated with this new data plan deal with Verizon. Mostly because I found out I had to get a smartphone before July 7th to keep my unlimited data plan I already have on my EnvTouch. This isn't what really irriatates me though.

I had an alltel plan till about two weeks ago. It was called local B 400 minutes for 30.00 a month. I also had the unlimited data 29.99. I work for the government so get an employee discount 18 percent on voice, 20% on data. Well I figured out that if I switched to a Verizon plan I can get the discount on voice and the discount on data and the total bill will actually come out cheaper then my alltel plan and unlimited data. Now this new data plan comes out and I will lose my discount on data and my bill will be more expensive then had I just left it the way it was.

Since I just did this two weeks ago Verizon sold me on the idea that I would save money (which I am, but not for long when they take away my discount) and now they are changing it do you think there is anyway they would let me go back?
I am not sure either, but generally once you get off a plan that doesn't exist anymore, you can't go back to it. Which is why a lot of people are worried about getting grandfathered into unlimited data, as once you lose the unlimited data on your plan, it is gone for good.

But as mentioned maybe there is something a rep can do for you. They are generally pretty knowledgeable and helpful.
You have 30 days to go back to an expired alltel plan if it doesn't allow to change it then an inactive rate plan form is filled out with a reply within 72 hrs u should have a call back from that rep with the Answer.

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But also a another quick thing the new data plan still should allow you to get your discount with unlimited the only changes being made is for new customers...will not be able to get unlimited after July 7th...Verizon can't take away a discount forcefully especially without your permission and a change that YOU made causing it to go away.

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