Thinking about purchasing a Galaxy S3


Nov 10, 2009
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I currently use an iphone 4s, and I still have another year left until I can upgrade at a discount. Problem is, I wanna upgrade now before Verizon introduces the new plans and I want to keep my unlimited data plan. I'm thinking about buying a Galaxy S3 for the full price when it comes out, will I be able to keep my unlimited plan if I don't use an upgrade? Thanks
As long as you pay full retail price for a new phone and not upgrade, you will keep your unlimited data plan....from my understanding
I've mentioned this before, you DO NOT have to buy the GS3 at full price in order to keep your unlimited data. I preordered 2 and was told by 3 reps and two corporate managers that we WILL be able to keep our grandfathered unlimited data plans as long as we upgrade before July 1st. As for not using your upgrade, then yes, you'll have to pay full price to keep unlimited.
I paid 169 for mine by using my last "new every two" discount and even had them take off the 30 dollar upgrade fee. Squeaky wheel gets the oil people. But then again I've been with them for 12 years, so that may factor in a bit.
(again, this is only on grandfathered plans) :cool:
Good luck to all... Can't wait for this device to finally drop!