Insane battery life...what's going on?

For some reason, this reminds me of a Seinfeld episode, where Kramer was driving with the needle on "E" and kept passing up exits to see how far they could go.

I have no problems with my battery life, but I don't get anywhere near that long. I use my phone pretty regularly throughout the day, and I'm usually at around 25-30% after 16-18 hours. I usually unplug at 0600 and put it back on charge when I lay down for sleepy time at night.
Stock non rooted with 902 update here and this is a completely unscientific observation but i too seem to be having new extraordinary battery life and I have no idea why. I always take phone off charger in morning and recharge at night with quite a bit of surfing and some navigating. In the past i often would have to give a recharge late in day and the battery icon always shows in the lower third by bedtime. The last few days my battery icon has stayed fully green all day. This was unheard of before 902. I am posting here because I actually came here to see if anyone else is having weird battery life and saw this three. Not sure if I have a broken icon or what.

My best guess is that my phone might be confused thinking I have a standard battery when in fact I have extended and thus is staying at 100%
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After two weeks running 902, I've noticed a roughly 30-40% improvement on both the extended and regular batteries.

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Cool - it's not just me. When I first upgraded to 902, it seemed as if my (extended, btw) battery was dying faster... then I hit a stretch where I was going two days, and was still at 70%. It's generally been pretty awesome, except for the occasional oddball night when I go to sleep with 90% battery and wake up with 60%... all in the matter of a few hours, and with night-time data saver on. Go figure.
I have 30 percent left at the end of the day with the extended. Sometimes even less. Idk how your doing it

Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk battery life is worse!....I never should have updated:frown: I think my phone is the only one that has slowed down and got worse battery life. I wonder if I should do a factory reset and see if that helps me at all. How much of a pain is it for a factory reset? (standard battery btw)
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I had the same problem after the update. I did a little searching and found that "wiping cache partition" helps improve the battery life. Do a little research goggling forums for the info. It works. Your will find that Motorola has is on their Bionic support page too.

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As I learned when having some problems with a previous Bionic, a "factory data reset" will just delete your apps and other user data. A true, full reset would be something more extreme, like flashing a recovery/FXZ file via RSDLite. So an FDR probably won't help in your case (although less apps would probably mean more battery life... but I doubt that's what you want... or at least not the route you'd want to take).