HTC Thunderbolt Doing Better Than iPhone 4


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Sep 21, 2010
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When the iPhone 4 came to Verizon everyone was expecting wide sell outs and huge crowds chanting outside the doors in anticipation, well it seems the Thunderbolt is doing this whole sales number thing better. Recent analyst report shows the Thunderbolt as doing better than the iPhone 4 at quite a few Verizon stores across the nation. The annalist and his team made calls to 150 different Verizon Wireless stores across 22 major U.S. cities and the result is 28% saying the bolt is outselling their iPhone 4’s and only 11% saying the iPhone is doing better. Take this numbers anyway you’d like but this shows that those “hummers” as Steve Jobs would call it, are doing much better than the phone that does it "just right."

The video above is of the Apple store at the Mall of America (America's biggest mall) in Minnesota and shows just how many people were excited for this new iPhone.

OOHHH MAN ...that would be so embarrasing to be one of those ppl haha
Pfff , nothing is better than the iPhone , NOTHING !!!!

Then why are you in an android forum? That's kind of a closed minded opinion isn't it? So you've owned everything?

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If you were joking (which I'm now almost certain you were) I apologize... i jumped the gun. I just REALLY don't care for Apple products and don't understand why so many people will follow them blindly!

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That's to funny. They spent all that employee revenue for 2 people. Lmao! And the setup they did anticipating the long line of people tops it off.
Wowwww a new 4g device is outselling a nearly year old device!!

You mean people weren't willing to pay a $300etf to get a old phone on a different carrier in this economy? No waaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I still don't understand how anyone expected a line for it.
I'm sure the TB is outselling the iPhone right now, but that's more than a month after it released on Verizon... the fact that the iPhone is outselling the TB at ANY verizon stores is bad news for HTC.

I imagine many more TBs get returned than any phone Verizon's ever released.

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Welll, simply because iPhobe is a household name now...everyone knows what it is and the iPhone launch for Verizon was expected to be huge because the average cell phone user doesn't take into considerarion the specifications of the phone...just the popularity of the name...however, it seems with the growing popularity and diversity of android phones, the iPhone has become a brick. its simplicity has made it popular among women. im not surprised. android is more popular among men.

I see the iPhone as very femenine anyways. the only way I would but one was if it had a 4.3in screen, 4G, and widgets. love those widgets.

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my brother just returned his TB due to poor battery life and lack of ringing with incoming calls. The CS rep at the store said they have never had so many of one kind of phone get returned before the TB.
its simplicity has made it popular among women. im not surprised. android is more popular among men.

This making women using Andoid phones All the sexier ;)

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Smittys: incorrect assumption.
A "man" here in my office got the Verizon iPhone. One of the top managers has one. Another top manager has a BB. The lower managers can't choose and are going to Android phones (although they get a choice in which Android phone on Sprint).
The assumption is, those who don't want a phone to think about, get's an iPhone. Or for name reconition.

Chacmo78: no one would call me "sexy" (trust me).