How To Keep Your Unthrottled Unlimited Verizon Data

I pay $10 for my unlimited as does my wife.
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They weren't ready for the backlash?
They also forgot that they get an extra $20 per unlimited line in pure profit because the subsidy goes unused, so those unlimited people are paying $50 for the unlimited data not just $30.

True, but that's still $100 less ($80 with the subsidy) than we'd pay otherwise (assuming we stayed with VZW). My plan is $70/mo, alternatively I'd have to consider their More Everything promo announced today - $40 line access plus $130 for 16gigs (doubled with the promo).

So then you gotta do the math assuming they roughly break-even if half the users do the above and the other half leave.
I work for a wireless company and its pretty easy to filter data hoggers from the rest. Is also easy lo limit their speed. I don't think this would work.
Won't work. The minute we see a contract associated with a line the data plan is systematically changed. As for the other option of upgrading a basic phone then remove data package and swap devices that's fine but as of 09/01/14 legacy plans that try this have the $30/2 gig plan put on the line regardless of if you have a smart phone or not. Maxx 6 gig plan is a decent option as well as the 15 gigs for the cost of 10.

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Which means you pay $30 because you still pay the $20 subsidy even if you don't use it.
How do you figure that? I pay $100 for family plan with unlimited minutes and text, then $10 for each additional line after 2nd and another $10 for unlimited data. My total after taxes is $140 for 3 lines.
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