How To Find Out If Your Galaxy Note 7 Is Safe


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Oct 6, 2011
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Version 2 Galaxy Note 7 devices are starting to ship out. If you are looking to buy your Note 7 device from a third party or an individual you will need to check it to make sure it is a version 2 device and not a recalled unit. A few days ago Samsung released an official IMEI checker. That requires you to log onto their site and enter the IMEI of the device. Samsung has made a few changes that you can see instantly to know whether or not the Note 7 you are looking at is a defective unit.

The first and easiest way to tell if your Note 7 is safe is to check out the battery indicator. Recalled devices will have a white battery indicator while version 2 devices will have a green battery indicator. Safe units also feature a battery percentage indicator in the power menu. You can also look at the packaging. The box will have a solid black box on the label that features the serial number. These two things could be changed by nefarious individuals. It would be easy enough to modify the battery indicator in the status bar, and you could easily place a recalled phone in a box featuring the solid black box. As a backup you could always just use the IMEI checker.

Samsung IMEI checker