Verizon Updates Version 1 and 2 Note 7 Devices


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Oct 6, 2011
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There are now two versions of the Galaxy Note 7 in the wild now that Samsung has started shipping replacement devices. Whether you have replaced your recalled Verizon Note 7 or not you will soon receive an update if you haven't already. The recalled version of the Note 7 will receive an update which adds a warning telling you to immediately power down your device and stop using it. The message then gives instructions on how to get the phone replaced. Apparently you can still charge your phone past 60% after receiving this update.

Verizon has also started to roll out an update for new version 2 Note 7 devices. The update includes the change to the battery indicator. You will notice that the battery indicator has gone from white to green. You will also see the green battery indicator on the always on display and the power menu. If you have not received the update you can manually pull it in the settings menu under system updates.

via Verizon